Bateman, Gordon & Sands, Inc.

Bateman, Gordon and Sands Insurance, Inc., began doing business in Pompano Beach Florida fifty-five years ago. At that time , we provided insurance for this small, Oceanside, farming community where our policy holders were all friends and family. And, in those days, the one thing you never did was to let your friends and family down. That same philosophy holds true today. It's how we've managed to build Bateman, Gordon, and Sands (BGS) from those few close friends and family to over 13,000 policy holders. From Hurricane devastations through all South Florida's tremendous growth, our original philosophy for insurance coverage - to provide the best possible customer service and loyalty has remained. At Bateman, Gordon and Sands, we provide a full range of products covering all of your life, health, auto and liability protection needs. This adds to our stability while providing you with one comprehensive insurance resource. And, as one of the largest independent agencies in Florida, another benefit to you is our ongoing relationships with the nations most reputable insurance carriers. Bateman, Gordon and Sands is an experienced and financially stable company that has certainly proven itself over time. For over fifty-five years, we have staked our reputation by giving our policyholders the personal attention they deserve by seeing that settlements come through promptly and fairly. But the strongest reason for using an independent insurance agency like Bateman, Gordon and Sands, is our ability to search through a multitude of different insurance carriers to find the right coverage at the best rate. And, if time means money to you, why not work with the best and most efficient independent agency you can find.
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2413 East Atlantic Boulevard
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

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