Republic Western Insurance

Who Is Republic Western Insurance? Republic Western Insurance Company (REPWEST) began operations in March of 1973. Republic Western is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMERCO, whose other major subsidiaries include U-Haul International, Oxford Life Insurance Company and AMERCO Real Estate Company. Initially, Republic Western provided AMERCO with a network of professional claims handling personnel throughout the United States and Canada. Their specialty was vehicular liability, general liability, first party losses and product liability. The expertise of Republic Western's personnel proved a strong tool in effective management and control over the cost-of-risk associated with company operations. Additionally, it provided valuable in-house knowledge to successfully participate in the reinsurance market. Republic Western grew steadily throughout the 1970's and 1980's expanding into other insurance opportunities in commercial and personal property and casualty business. Currently, we operate in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Reaching approximately $170 million in premiums per year, Republic Western Insurance Company is a full service insurance company with the capability to support a wide range of customers with custom specialty insurance products and services.
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