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A.R.M. of NY

Serving New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, A.R.M. of NY understands the importance of selecting the most appropriate insurance solutions to meet our client partners business and personal needs. Our insurance specialists take the time to understand current situations and discuss your future plans so that we identify required solutions. At A.R.M. of NY, our clients are our partners! The foundation of our client partnership includes the following iterative process: Discovery
  • Meeting with prospective and current client partners in order to understand short and long term business/personal requirements
  • Risk inspection and analysis and develop concise summary reports with particular attention to concentrations of current and future property and personal values and general liability concerns
  • Review of existing coverages Gather loss experience and recent changes or risk modifications
  • Analysis all of the information gathered in the discovery phase and development of a concise and comprehensive report to include rating data such as payroll, sales and other underwriting information required for insurer consideration
  • Preparation of quality underwriting submissions with emphasis on distinguishing the client from others in the same class
Identification Selection of an insurer based on financial integrity, service capability, client responsiveness and willingness to provide broad coverage at a reasonable cost. Our knowledge of products, market trends and successful submission strategies are the key components we use to identify the best plan or approach for each risk. Introduction Educating and introducing a "Final Solution" to our client partners. Servicing The single most important factor in choosing A.R.M. is responsiveness. Our unparalleled service and technical expertise make the difference. Our greatest strength lies in the quality and experience of our people and our ability to respond quickly client/partner needs.
95 Christopher Street, Suite 1
New York, NY 10014

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