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Applied Underwriters

Applied Underwriters® is a pioneer in the field of financial services and workers’ compensation. We offer integrated solutions that focus on fulfilling the real needs of employers. Our products are unique in the market, which means that Applied Underwriters is not only the leader in the field of integrated workers’ compensation solutions – we are the only ones in the field. Since our inception, we have reliably and profitably grown, doubling annually in customers and revenue. With thousands of loyal customers, Applied Underwriters has consistently demonstrated that the best way to serve customers is to understand their business and their needs, and then to provide superior customer support – support that is personalized, thorough, and always there when our customers need it. The result is that Applied Underwriters enjoys a retention rate that would be the envy of any company in any industry.
P.O. Bx 281900
San Francisco, CA 94128

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